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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
3/10/2019 A Man After God's Own Heart Mike Freese
3/10/2019 Proverbs 13 Mike Freese
3/3/2019 A Study of "The Last Days" Ronnie Henderson
3/3/2019 Noah Moves With Godly Fear Mike Freese
2/24/2019 Building on Your Beliefs Mike Freese
2/24/2019 Wisdom and Good Choices - Prov 5 &6 Mike Freese
2/17/2019 Atonement Seth Driscoll
2/17/2019 Cause and Effect Mike Freese
2/10/2019 Become As Little Children Mike Freese
2/10/2019 Luke 15 Freddie Franklin
2/3/2019 Back to the Future Freddie Franklin
1/27/2019 The Christian and the Old Testament Mike Freese
1/27/2019 The Righteous Cannot Be Uprooted Mike Freese
1/20/2019 How Do You Listen to God's Word Mike Freese
1/19/2019 Thankfulness Jesse Lester
1/13/2019 The Depths of Sin Mike Freese
1/13/2019 True Wisdom for Life-Part 1 Mike Freese