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List For Author/Speaker: Freddie Franklin

Title Category Type Date  
1 Cor 1 New Testament Audio 2/22/2009 Listen
1 Cor 1-Part 2 New Testament Audio 3/1/2009 Listen
1 Cor 1-Part 3 New Testament Audio 3/8/2009 Listen
1 Cor 15 New Testament Audio 7/26/2009 Listen
1 Cor 15-Part 2 New Testament Audio 8/2/2009 Listen
1 Cor 15-Part 3 New Testament Audio 8/9/2009 Listen
1 Cor 2 New Testament Audio 3/15/2009 Listen
1 Cor 3 New Testament Audio 11/1/2009 Listen
1 Cor 9 New Testament Audio 2/7/2010 Listen
1 Cor. 8 New Testament Audio 1/31/2010 Listen
1 Cor.15-The Resurrection New Testament Audio 9/26/2010 Listen
1 Pet 2-Part 3 New Testament Audio 10/4/2009 Listen
1 Peter 2 New Testament Audio 6/14/2009 Listen
1 Peter 4 New Testament Audio 9/12/2010 Listen
1 Sam. 15 - Saul's Mistake Old Testament Audio 3/30/2008 Listen
1 Samuel 15 Part 2 Old Testament Audio 11/7/2010 Listen
1 Samuel 16 Old Testament Audio 11/14/2010 Listen
1 Thess 1-2.mp3 New Testament Hymn 10/24/2010
1 Thessalonians 4 Bible Audio 4/19/2015 Listen
2 John New Testament Audio 11/28/2010 Listen
2 Peter New Testament Audio 3/21/2010 Listen
2 Peter 2 Bible Audio 9/21/2014 Listen
2 Sam 18-Absalom Family Audio 4/20/2008 Listen
2 Sam 6 - Bringing Back the Ark Old Testament Audio 4/13/2008 Listen
2 Tim 3 New Testament Audio 11/23/2008 Listen
2nd Telling of the Law Old Testament Audio 2/24/2008 Listen
A Christ Centered Church Church Audio 3/30/2008 Listen
A Famine in the Land Salvation Audio 3/13/2011 Listen
A Message From Hell Salvation Audio 4/15/2012 Listen
A Study of Authority Authority Audio 6/22/2008 Listen
Abram and Ishmael Old Testament Audio 1/6/2008 Listen
Acts 1 New Testament Audio 2/15/2009 Listen
Acts 22 New Testament Audio 4/18/2010 Listen
Acts 25 New Testament Audio 12/14/2008 Listen
Acts 3 New Testament Audio 2/28/2010 Listen
Acts 5 New Testament Audio 5/23/2010 Listen
Acts 8 Bible Audio 7/20/2014 Listen
Acts 9 New Testament Audio 4/11/2010 Listen
Adoption Children Audio 3/20/2011 Listen
After Conversion Salvation Audio 10/16/2011 Listen
Another Night With the Frogs Sin Audio 11/27/2011 Listen
Are You Hungry Bible Audio 12/30/2012 Listen
Are You of Little Faith Faith Audio 2/21/2010 Listen
Are You Satisfied With Where You Are Apathy Audio 9/19/2010 Listen
Arrogant Assyria Judged Old Testament Audio 7/6/2008 Listen
Authority Authority Audio 5/29/2011 Listen
Back to the Future Christian Life Audio 5/10/2009 Listen
Be More Like the Devil Christian Life Audio 3/10/2013 Listen
Before and After New Testament Audio 7/18/2010 Listen
Being Tested Christian Life Audio 4/12/2015 Listen
Believing A Lie Lying Audio 5/3/2009 Listen
Believing A Lie Lying Audio 9/21/2014 Listen
Beware of False Teachers False Teachers Audio 10/18/2009 Listen
Can I Know That I Am Saved Salvation Audio 6/30/2013 Listen
Can People Understand the Bible Alike Bible Audio 5/22/2011 Listen
Can We Understand The Bible Alike? Bible Audio 3/23/2008 Listen
Choosing Our Faith Faith Audio 11/9/2008 Listen
Christ and His Cross Christ Audio 4/5/2009 Listen
Christ In Prophecy Christ Audio 4/4/2010 Listen
Christ Our Perfect Example Example Audio 8/17/2008 Listen
Christ Our Perfect Example (Role Model) Example Audio 11/13/2011 Listen
Christian Christian Life Audio 5/16/2010 Listen
Christian's Assurance Christian Life Audio 7/20/2008 Listen
Christians Take Heed Lest They Fall Salvation Audio 8/16/2009 Listen
Colossians 2 New Testament Audio 10/17/2010 Listen
Compassion Christian Life Audio 9/7/2008 Listen
Compassion-The Good Samaritan Good Samaritan Audio 10/21/2012 Listen
Compromising the Truth of God's Word Truth Audio 2/20/2011 Listen
Compromising With the Devil Salvation Audio 4/22/2012 Listen
Confusion About Religion Denominationalism Audio 3/17/2013 Listen
Confusion In Religion False Doctrine Audio 2/8/2015 Listen
Did God Raise Jesus From the Dead? Christ Audio 9/23/2012 Listen
Discouragement and Departure Discouragement Audio 7/24/2011 Listen
Does It Really Matter Belief Audio 4/8/2012 Listen
Don't Be Conformed to this World Worldliness Audio 3/29/2009 Listen
Don't Chain Jesus to the Pulpit Evangelism Audio 1/27/2013 Listen
Ecclesiastes Old Testament Audio 6/1/2008 Listen
Eph. 2:11-22 New Testament Audio 5/15/2011 Listen
Essentials to the Work of the Lord Working Audio 4/17/2011 Listen
Evangelism-A Lesson From Jonah Evangelism Audio 1/11/2009 Listen
Faith-A Lesson From Daniel Faith Audio 7/25/2010 Listen
False Teachers False Teachers Audio 8/23/2009 Listen
False Teachers False Teachers Audio 4/5/2009 Listen
Fathers Family Audio 6/15/2008 Listen
Fit Subjects of Immersion Baptism Audio 6/23/2013 Listen
Forgiveness Forgiveness Audio 6/27/2010 Listen
Forgiveness-Part 2 Forgiveness Audio 7/4/2010 Listen
Forsake Not the Assembly Attendance Audio 10/6/2010 Listen
Four Words for Love Love Audio 4/26/2009 Listen
Gal 3:15 Bible Audio 2/8/2015 Listen
Galatians 4 New Testament Audio 7/25/2010 Listen
Galatians 6 New Testament Audio 8/22/2010 Listen
Generation Lost-Num. 13-14 Salvation Audio 3/15/2009 Listen
Genesis 36 Old Testament Audio 1/20/2008 Listen
Giving-Part 1 Giving Audio 10/4/2009 Listen
Giving-Part 2 Giving Audio 10/11/2009 Listen
God Has Promised Promises Audio 9/5/2010 Listen
God Has Promised #2 Promises Audio 9/12/2010 Listen
God Our Savor and Our Sustainer God Audio 7/1/2012 Listen
God's Purpose In Our Personal Life Christian Life Audio 4/24/2011 Listen
Gods Plan for Redeeming Mankind Salvation Audio 4/18/2010 Listen
Habakkuk Old Testament Audio 8/10/2008 Listen
Hated Without A Cause Christ Audio 7/20/2014 Listen
Heaven Heaven Audio 4/21/2013 Listen
Hebrews 1 New Testament Audio 5/17/2009 Listen
Hebrews 10 New Testament Audio 1/3/2010 Listen
Hebrews 11 Faith Audio 6/7/2009 Listen
Hebrews 7-10 New Testament Audio 12/28/2008 Listen
Hell Hell Audio 4/28/2013 Listen
High Cost Salvation Audio 7/6/2008 Listen
Holy Spirit Baptism Holy Spirit Audio 12/26/2010 Listen
Homosexuality-Part 1 Homosexuality Audio 3/3/2013 Listen
Homosexuality-Part 2 Homosexuality Audio 3/3/2013 Listen
How Can We Know That We Are Going To Heaven Heaven Audio 5/3/2015 Listen
How Important is Love in Soul Winning Evangelism Audio 1/20/2008 Listen
Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness Bible Study Audio 8/30/2009 Listen
I Know Whom I Have Believed Christ Audio 3/28/2010 Listen
I Never Transgressed That Law Old Testament Audio 8/22/2010 Listen
If I Were the Devil Satan Audio 11/23/2008 Listen
Ignorance Attitude Audio 12/4/2011 Listen
Imitate the Good Christ Likeness Audio 12/19/2010 Listen
In Which Direction Are You Looking Christian Life Audio 10/10/2010 Listen
Ingratitude Thanks Giving Audio 9/2/2012 Listen
Is The Bible True Bible Audio 4/1/2012 Listen
James Faith Audio 4/12/2009 Listen
James 1 New Testament Audio 5/10/2009 Listen
James 1-Part 1 New Testament Audio 11/15/2009 Listen
James 1-Part 2 New Testament Audio 11/22/2009 Listen
James-Part 3 New Testament Audio 11/29/2009 Listen
James-Part 4 New Testament Audio 12/13/2009 Listen
James-Part 5 New Testament Audio 12/20/2009 Listen
Jer. 9:23- Old Testament Audio 8/3/2008 Listen
Jeremiah's Prophecies Old Testament Audio 8/24/2008 Listen
Jericho Old Testament Audio 3/16/2008 Listen
Jesus and the Tax Collector New Testament Audio 7/26/2009 Listen
Jesus As A Stone Jesus Audio 9/15/2013 Listen
Jesus Confronts the Pharisees Jesus Audio 6/28/2009 Listen
Jesus Confronts the Pharisees Part 2 Jesus Audio 7/5/2009 Listen
Jesus Raises Lazarus New Testament Audio 11/9/2008 Listen
John 12 New Testament Audio 8/30/2009 Listen
John 14 Bible Audio 4/12/2015 Listen
John 17 New Testament Audio 11/16/2008 Listen
Jonah Old Testament Audio 6/22/2008 Listen
Joseph Old Testament Audio 1/23/2011 Listen
Jude New Testament Audio 8/15/2010 Listen
Keep The Commandment Christian Life Audio 8/10/2008 Listen
Keep the Commandment without Spot Obedience Audio 11/4/2012 Listen
Let's Make A Deal Salvation Audio 10/7/2018 Listen
Let's Make A Deal Salvation Audio 11/8/2009 Listen
Lev. 10 & 2 Sam 6-Disobeying God Obedience Audio 2/3/2008 Listen
Levirate Marriage Old Testament Audio 3/2/2008 Listen
Looking to Jesus Christian Life Audio 2/7/2010 Listen
Love Will Provoke Us to Evangelize Evangelism Audio 1/20/2013 Listen
Luke 11-12 Parables Audio 12/11/2011 Listen
Luke 14 New Testament Audio 12/26/2010 Listen
Mark 16:16 Salvation Audio 8/14/2011 Listen
Micah: Similarities of Prophecies Old Testament Audio 6/29/2008 Listen
Moses' Successor Old Testament Audio 2/17/2008 Listen
Mothers Women Audio 5/9/2010 Listen
Mothers Day Family Audio 5/11/2008 Listen
Motivation Encouragement Audio 8/16/2009 Listen
Music In Worship Singing Audio 6/13/2010 Listen
My Creed Belief Audio 4/6/2008 Listen
Naaman Old Testament Audio 6/15/2008 Listen
Naaman the Leper Old Testament Audio 6/21/2009 Listen
Nebuchadnezzar's Insanity Old Testament Audio 9/7/2008 Listen
New Year New Years Audio 1/6/2013 Listen
Omnipotent God Audio 8/15/2010 Listen
Our Body and the Body of Christ Church Audio 11/28/2010 Listen
Our Great Salvation in Christ Jesus Salvation Audio 4/3/2011 Listen
Our Responsibilities Responsibility Audio 6/16/2013 Listen
Paul's Roman Citizenship New Testament Audio 11/21/2010 Listen
Perfect Law of Liberty New Testament Audio 7/18/2010 Listen
Personal Evangelism Evangelism Audio 2/10/2013 Listen
Philemon New Testament Audio 12/21/2008 Listen
Philippians 1 New Testament Audio 9/13/2009 Listen
Philippians 3 New Testament Audio 5/16/2010 Listen
Preachers Preaching Audio 5/20/2012 Listen
Preaching Jesus Evangelism Audio 6/7/2009 Listen
Predestination Salvation Audio 11/14/2010 Listen
Preparation For Personal Evangelism Evangelism Audio 1/13/2013 Listen
Prepare To Meet Your God Salvation Audio 7/7/2013 Listen
Problems In Evangelism Evangelism Audio 2/17/2013 Listen
Prophecies from Isaiah Old Testament Audio 7/20/2008 Listen
Prophecies from Jeremiah Old Testament Audio 7/27/2008 Listen
Putting Your Trust in God God Audio 12/9/2012 Listen
Questions From Acts 1-2 New Testament Audio 6/20/2010 Listen
Raising Children Parenthood Audio 4/13/2008 Listen
Repentance Repentance Audio 8/2/2009 Listen
Return from Captivity Old Testament Audio 9/28/2008 Listen
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Bible Audio 7/28/2013 Listen
Romans New Testament Audio 10/18/2009 Listen
Romans 1 New Testament Audio 12/7/2008 Listen
Romans 6 New Testament Audio 4/29/2012 Listen
Romans 9-10 New Testament Audio 10/3/2010 Listen
Saved By Seven Salvation Audio 6/10/2012 Listen
Second Is The First Looser Priorities Audio 8/28/2011 Listen
Selections From Proverbs Old Testament Audio 5/25/2008 Listen
Self-Righteousness Sin Audio 6/2/2013 Listen
Seven Great Things About Pentecost New Testament Audio 4/25/2010 Listen
Seven Ones Church Audio 4/11/2010 Listen
Six Searching Questions Salvation Audio 6/6/2010 Listen
Six Things That Cannot Be Shaken Christian Life Audio 10/19/2008 Listen
Six Things That Cannot Be Shaken-Part 2 Christian Life Audio 10/26/2008 Listen
Sodom & Gomorrah Old Testament Audio 1/13/2008 Listen
Solomon Old Testament Audio 5/18/2008 Listen
Some Say One Thing and Some Say Another Authority Audio 8/1/2010 Listen
Some Things Baptism Will and Won't Do Baptism Audio 5/6/2012 Listen
Some Things Corneilus Saw Salvation Audio 2/14/2010 Listen
Sound Doctrine False Doctrine Audio 3/29/2009 Listen
Sound Doctrine About Repentance Repentance Audio 3/21/2010 Listen
Sound Doctrine About the Church False Doctrine Audio 3/14/2010 Listen
Sound Doctrine About the Scriptures False Doctrine Audio 3/7/2010 Listen
Speak To Us Smooth Things Preaching Audio 5/2/2010 Listen
Spiritual Ignorance Salvation Audio 5/4/2008 Listen
Stand Up for Jesus Christian Life Audio 11/11/2012 Listen
That They All Be One Unity Audio 5/8/2011 Listen
The 3 Promises of God to Abraham Promises Audio 8/29/2010 Listen
The Birth of Christ Christmas Audio 12/25/2011 Listen
The Blood of the Cross Cross Audio 4/12/2009 Listen
The Book of Life Salvation Audio 6/24/2012 Listen
The Church of Christ Church Audio 7/19/2009 Listen
The Death of Saul & Jonathan Old Testament Audio 4/6/2008 Listen
The Deceitfulness of Sin Sin Audio 5/23/2010 Listen
The Devil Satan Audio 4/19/2015 Listen
The Dying Words of our Lord Christ Audio 11/20/2011 Listen
The Family Family Audio 2/24/2008 Listen
The Foolishness of God God Audio 9/30/2012 Listen
The Gospel: God's Power to Save The Gospel Audio 9/26/2010 Listen
The Great Deportation Old Testament Audio 8/17/2008 Listen
The Great House Christian Life Audio 7/27/2008 Listen
The Great Physician Jesus Audio 5/13/2012 Listen
The Great Physician Jesus Audio 9/14/2014 Listen
The Great Showdown and Elijah's Discouragement Discouragement Audio 5/17/2009 Listen
The Handwriting on the Wall Old Testament Audio 9/21/2008 Listen
The Highway to Heaven Salvation Audio 6/17/2012 Listen
The Jews Attempt to Discredit Jesus New Testament Audio 11/2/2008 Listen
The Lord's Supper Lord's Supper Audio 3/31/2013 Listen
The Lords Supper Lord's Supper Audio 9/11/2011 Listen
The Love of the Cross Love Audio 4/26/2009 Listen
The Military Christian Life Audio 6/28/2009 Listen
The Mode of Baptism Baptism Audio 10/24/2010 Listen
The New Testament Church Church Audio 6/29/2008 Listen
The Next King Old Testament Audio 5/11/2008 Listen
The One Approved of God Christian Life Audio 5/19/2013 Listen
The Power of Example Christian Life Audio 6/9/2013 Listen
The Prodigal Son Sin Audio 9/28/2008 Listen
The Promises to Abraham Salvation Audio 5/31/2009 Listen
The Samaritan Religion Old Testament Audio 6/1/2008 Listen
The Second Coming of Christ Part 1 Second Coming Audio 4/7/2013 Listen
The Second Coming of Christ Part 2 Second Coming Audio 4/14/2013 Listen
The Sin of Denominationalism Denominationalism Audio 8/23/2009 Listen
The Standard Authority Audio 2/24/2013 Listen
The Strength of the Church Church Audio 3/2/2008 Listen
The Three Loves of a Disciple Love Audio 7/8/2012 Listen
The Time Between the Testaments Bible Audio 10/19/2008 Listen
The Unity of the Church Unity Audio 9/4/2011 Listen
The Voice of Angles Evangelism Audio 8/21/2011 Listen
The Woman At the Well New Testament Audio 10/26/2008 Listen
The Work of the Church Church Audio 5/1/2011 Listen
They Didn't Know That Disaster Was Upon Them Readiness Audio 6/8/2008 Listen
Unafraid to Live or to Die Life Audio 2/28/2010 Listen
Unquestioned Obedient Faith Faith Audio 6/21/2009 Listen
Watch Christian Life Audio 11/4/2012 Listen
What Baptism Will and Will Not Do Baptism Audio 12/21/2008 Listen
What Shall I Do Then With Jesus Salvation Audio 12/6/2009 Listen
What Shall I Do With Jesus Salvation Audio 10/23/2011 Listen
What Time is It? Salvation Audio 3/6/2011 Listen
When the Lord Established His Church Church Audio 5/12/2013 Listen
When We Worship Self Rather Than God Selfishness Audio 11/29/2009 Listen
Where's the Fruit Fruit Audio 11/25/2012 Listen
Who Crucified Jesus Crucifixion Audio 3/11/2012 Listen
Who Is Not A Christian Christian Life Audio 7/3/2011 Listen
Why Aren't We Converting People the Way They Used To Evangelism Audio 2/8/2009 Listen
Why Do People Sin? Sin Audio 3/27/2011 Listen
Why Doesn't Your Church Have Social Activities Church Audio 4/8/2012 Listen
Why Don't People See the Bible Alike Bible Audio 1/18/2009 Listen
Why Should I Believe in the Bible Bible Audio 12/18/2011 Listen
Why We Need God Salvation Audio 8/5/2012 Listen
Why We Need Jesus Christ Jesus Audio 8/19/2012 Listen
Why We Need the Bible Bible Audio 8/12/2012 Listen
Why We Need the Gospel Salvation Audio 5/25/2008 Listen
Will A Man Rob God God Audio 7/29/2012 Listen
Will Only A Few Be Saved Salvation Audio 11/21/2010 Listen
Withdrawing Fellowship Sin Audio 9/21/2008 Listen

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