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List For Author/Speaker: Larry Ray Hafley

Title Category Type Date  
"I Believe God" Belief Article 2/23/2002 Read
Methodists OK Weekly Communion Authority Article 2/23/2002 Read
"Hear Ye Him" Truth Article 7/18/2004 Read
"How Faithful"? Faith Article 2/8/2004 Read
"I'm A Jenius" Attitude Article 7/27/2003 Read
"In Everything Give Thanks" Thanks Giving Article 12/25/2005 Read
"One Nation, Under God" Atheism Article 1/23/2005 Read
"Wasted His Substance" Christian Life Article 3/24/2002 Read
...BUT HE CAN'T HIDE Sin Article 1/27/2002 Read
A Definitive Quote Christ Article 2/23/2002 Read
Cancel My Debts! Salvation Article 6/29/2003 Read
Choose A Good Mate Marriage Article 10/17/2004 Read
Cursing and the Civil War Language Article 7/2/2006 Read
DO YOU "LOVE THE BRETHREN"? Love Article 1/27/2002 Read
Enduring Insults Christian Life Article 7/13/2003 Read
Greet With A Holy Kiss Hospitality Article 3/7/2004 Read
I Wish I Were A "Techie" Evangelism Article 4/10/2004 Read
Is Your Career Worth It? Family Article 5/30/2004 Read
Jesus Paid It All Salvation Article 1/20/2002 Read
Kids Report On TV Influence Article 2/10/2002 Read
Mother's Day and Human Traditions Holidays Article 5/11/2003 Read
ON GODLY LIVING Christian Life Article 4/28/2002 Read
Pope Vs. Apostles Reception Denominationalism Article 1/27/2002 Read
Quit Using "Church of Christ?" Church Article 4/20/2003 Read
Reply To Anonymous "Young Christian" Part 2 Preaching Article 2/23/2003 Read
Reply To Anonymous "Young Christian"-Part 1 Preaching Article 2/16/2003 Read
Roosevelt's Comments On Work Working Article 12/29/2002 Read
Spanking: "No Ill Effects" Parenthood Article 2/17/2002 Read
Super Bowl Shame, Sorrow Priorities Article 1/26/2003 Read
The Power Of An Example Example Article 5/2/2004 Read
THE SUPERIOR KINGDOM Kingdom Article 2/3/2002 Read
They "Supposed" He Was With Them Denominationalism Article 2/17/2002 Read
They Would Not Listen Apostasy Article 4/25/2004 Read
This Is Still the Lord?s Day Worship Article 5/12/2002 Read
Touchy, Feely Religion Charismatic Movement Article 11/30/2003 Read
Try A Little Tenderness Christian Life Article 5/19/2002 Read
Unhealthy Spirits Christian Life Article 12/5/2004 Read
Using The Bible Like A Club Discipline Article 3/30/2003 Read
What Do Visitors See In Me? Worship Article 10/20/2002 Read
What Iniquity Have You Found In God? Love Article 8/17/2003 Read
WHAT WE NEED Worldliness Article 1/27/2002 Read
Where Are The Nine? Thanks Giving Article 5/15/2005 Read
WHICH TRADITIONS? Traditions Article 2/3/2002 Read
Your Soul And The Super Bowl Priorities Article 1/26/2003 Read

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