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List For Author/Speaker: Mike Freese

Title Category Type Date  
1 & 2 Thessalonians New Testament Audio 12/20/2015 Listen
1 John-Part 1 New Testament Audio 1/10/2016 Listen
1 John-Part 2 New Testament Audio 1/17/2016 Listen
1 John-Part 3 New Testament Audio 1/24/2016 Listen
1 John-Part 4 New Testament Audio 1/31/2016 Listen
1 John-Part 5 New Testament Audio 2/7/2016 Listen
3 Simple Questions Christ Likeness Article 11/20/2016 Read
5 Good Reasons Why Heaven is Going to Be Great Heaven Audio 9/25/2016 Listen
A Cry For Forgiveness Forgiveness Audio 3/20/2016 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 1 Christ Audio 8/27/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 2 Christ Audio 9/3/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 3 Christ Audio 9/17/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 4 Christ Audio 9/24/2017 Listen
A Faith That Works Faith Audio 8/16/2015 Listen
A Good Start Is Not Good Enough Christian Life Audio 9/4/2016 Listen
A Life of Obedience Obedience Audio 4/17/2016 Listen
A Look at Reconciliation-Philemon Church Problems Audio 2/12/2017 Listen
A Man After God's Own Heart Old Testament Audio 3/10/2019 Listen
A Person of Vision-Nehemiah Old Testament Audio 1/1/2017 Listen
A Portrait of Fatherhood Family Audio 6/18/2017 Listen
A Psalm of Thanksgiving Thanks Giving Audio 8/20/2017 Listen
A Renewed Hope Hope Audio 6/26/2016 Listen
A Stone Becomes A Mountain Faith Audio 3/26/2017 Listen
A Story of Gratitude Thanks Giving Audio 11/27/2016 Listen
A Treasure of Great Value The Gospel Audio 3/26/2017 Listen
A Word About the Word-Psalm 119 Bible Audio 8/30/2015 Listen
Above and Beyond Christian Life Audio 2/26/2017 Listen
Accept the Things You Cannot Change Christian Life Audio 8/21/2016 Listen
Add to Your Faith Brotherly Kindness Christian Life Audio 11/25/2018 Listen
Add to Your Faith Godliness Christian Life Audio 11/18/2018 Listen
Add To Your Faith Knowledge Christian Life Audio 10/28/2018 Listen
Add To Your Faith Perseverance Christian Life Audio 11/11/2018 Listen
Add to Your Faith Self Control Christian Life Audio 11/4/2018 Listen
All About Attitude Attitude Audio 11/6/2016 Listen
Am I Honest About Seeking the Truth Truth Audio 6/10/2018 Listen
Amazing Grace Grace Audio 10/28/2018 Listen
Amos - The Country Prophet (Part 1) Bible Audio 5/24/2015 Listen
Amos Part 2 Old Testament Audio 6/7/2015 Listen
Amos-Part 3 Old Testament Audio 6/28/2015 Listen
Apostasy Sin Audio 7/23/2017 Listen
Are Things Really Any Different Today Sin Audio 3/11/2018 Listen
Are We Too Dogmatic Truth Audio 4/9/2017 Listen
Are You Distracted Christian Life Audio 4/2/2017 Listen
Are You Listening Devotion Audio 5/22/2016 Listen
Are You Shining or Burning Out? Evangelism Article 4/9/2017 Read
Ask, Seek, Knock Christian Life Audio 9/9/2018 Listen
Backsliding Sin Audio 7/8/2018 Listen
Be Strong and Courageous Strength Audio 11/11/2018 Listen
Bearing Fruit Worthy of Repentance Fruit Audio 8/14/2016 Listen
Become As Little Children Audio 2/10/2019 Listen
Becoming More Effective Christians Christian Life Audio 4/8/2018 Listen
Being A Righteous Person Righteousness Audio 2/29/2016 Listen
Believing Thomas Character Studies Audio 7/24/2016 Listen
Beware Lest You Forget Sin Audio 7/9/2017 Listen
Beware of Pride Pride Audio 8/14/2016 Listen
Bible Authority Authority Audio 4/22/2018 Listen
Biblical Families Family Audio 6/17/2018 Listen
Blessed Assurances From God's Warnings Comfort Audio 5/15/2016 Listen
Blind Sin Audio 4/9/2017 Listen
Building A Spiritual House Christian Life Audio 5/15/2016 Listen
Building on Your Beliefs Belief Audio 2/24/2019 Listen
But Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain Christian Life Audio 4/15/2018 Listen
Caleb Followed the Lord Fully Character Studies Audio 12/13/2015 Listen
Called to be Saints Christian Life Audio 12/31/2017 Listen
Casual Attitude or Committed Action Apathy Audio 1/14/2018 Listen
Cause and Effect Audio 2/17/2019 Listen
Characteristics of a Great Church Church Audio 3/6/2016 Listen
Christ Challenges Us to Make the Right Choices Christian Life Audio 11/25/2018 Listen
Christian Evidences-Creation Vs Evolution-Part 4 Evolution Audio 12/20/2015 Listen
Christian Evidences-Part 1 Christian Life Audio 11/15/2015 Listen
Christian Evidences-Part 2 (Partial) Christian Life Audio 11/22/2015 Listen
Church and Churches Church Article 4/2/2017 Read
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Christian Life Audio 3/13/2016 Listen
Comfort From Psalms Psalms Audio 5/13/2018 Listen
Coming to a crossroad! Decisions Article 10/16/2016 Read
Common To All Men! Salvation Article 1/29/2017 Read
Contentment Encouragement Audio 1/28/2018 Listen
Conversion Means Commitment Salvation Audio 5/29/2016 Listen
Create In Me A Clean Heart Christian Life Audio 7/15/2018 Listen
Creation and Stewardship Christian Life Audio 10/23/2016 Listen
Dangers Facing the Church Church Audio 7/29/2018 Listen
Daniel Old Testament Audio 7/3/2016 Listen
David's Charge To Solomon Christian Life Audio 10/14/2018 Listen
Death of a Savior Christ Audio 12/18/2016 Listen
Does Everyone Have A Right To Their Own Belief Belief Audio 6/7/2015 Listen
Does God Really Care God Audio 12/31/2017 Listen
Don't just read it Working Article 2/12/2017 Read
Don't Leave Your Children Behind Children Article 6/18/2017 Read
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Christian Life Audio 6/5/2016 Listen
Effective Christians Christian Life Article 3/19/2017 Read
Escaping Hell's Fury Hell Audio 7/17/2016 Listen
Essential Equipment Christian Life Audio 6/19/2016 Listen
Expressing Love Through Reasonable Service Love Audio 7/19/2015 Listen
Facing Life with Faith Faith Audio 8/21/2016 Listen
Fear Man or Fear God? Christian Life Article 4/23/2017 Read
Finding Purpose in Life Christian Life Audio 1/8/2017 Listen
For What Are You Running Christian Life Audio 5/21/2017 Listen
Forgiveness Forgiveness Audio 7/5/2015 Listen
Fruit of the Spirit-Kindness Spiritual Gifts Audio 5/21/2017 Listen
God Forgives Human Weakness Forgiveness Audio 2/26/2017 Listen
God Is Not Like Us God Audio 12/27/2015 Listen
God Is Our Refuge God Audio 8/28/2016 Listen
God is Right. God is Just God Audio 2/11/2018 Listen
God is Sovereign God Audio 3/5/2017 Listen
God's Humble Servants Honored Humanity Audio 10/9/2016 Listen
Godliness Christian Life Audio 1/29/2017 Listen
Godly Living 101 Christian Life Audio 2/14/2016 Listen
Godly Living During Terrible Times Christian Life Audio 11/18/2018 Listen
Great Questions Bible Audio 5/29/2016 Listen
Great Things That Come From Small Things Christian Life Audio 6/26/2016 Listen
Greatness is Serving Christian Life Audio 12/17/2017 Listen
Harmony in the Local Church Church Audio 10/23/2016 Listen
Healing of Bartimaeus Jesus Audio 9/6/2015 Listen
Heart Diseases-Anger Anger Audio 10/18/2015 Listen
Heart Diseases-The Sin of Complaining Sin Audio 9/20/2015 Listen
Heart Diseases-Worry Anxiety Audio 10/4/2015 Listen
Heart Diseases: Envy & Jealousy Christian Life Audio 11/1/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 1 New Testament Audio 10/18/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 2 New Testament Audio 10/25/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 3 New Testament Audio 11/1/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 4 New Testament Audio 11/8/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 5 New Testament Audio 11/15/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 6 New Testament Audio 11/22/2015 Listen
Hebrews-Part 7 New Testament Audio 11/29/2015 Listen
Hosea-God's Unconditional Love Old Testament Audio 7/5/2015 Listen
How Do You Listen to God's Word Bible Audio 1/20/2019 Listen
How Do You Perceive God God Audio 4/24/2016 Listen
How Do Your Feelings Relate to Your Faith Faith Audio 1/28/2018 Listen
How Much is Your Faith Worth Faith Audio 6/11/2017 Listen
I Am the Resurrection Resurrection Audio 1/8/2017 Listen
I Want To Know Christ Salvation Audio 6/21/2015 Listen
If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat Growth Audio 3/4/2018 Listen
Improper Attitudes Toward Sin Sin Audio 5/6/2018 Listen
In the World, Not of the World Christian Life Article 4/16/2017 Read
Increase Our Faith Faith Audio 11/20/2016 Listen
Is Heaven Worth Waiting For Heaven Audio 2/4/2018 Listen
Is There A New Hermeneutic? Bible Audio 1/21/2018 Listen
Is Your Anchor in Heaven Heaven Audio 12/4/2016 Listen
Isaiah's Vision of Christ Christ Audio 10/30/2016 Listen
Isaiah's Vision of the Lord Old Testament Audio 12/6/2015 Listen
It Is Finished Christ Audio 4/16/2017 Listen
It Is Well With My Soul Christian Life Audio 1/24/2016 Listen
It's Easy to Be Lost Salvation Audio 3/20/2016 Listen
James, Son of Alphaeus Character Studies Audio 10/30/2016 Listen
Jesus After the Resurrection Resurrection Audio 4/24/2016 Listen
Jesus From the Gospel Of John Jesus Audio 9/30/2018 Listen
Jesus In the Book of Job Jesus Audio 10/7/2018 Listen
Jesus on Trial Jesus Audio 8/9/2015 Listen
Jesus Our Perfect High Priest Jesus Audio 4/29/2018 Listen
John 3:16 Christ Audio 12/23/2018 Listen
Joshua Character Studies Audio 12/13/2015 Listen
Keep Focusing Christian Life Audio 6/4/2017 Listen
Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing, and Take the Flak Christian Life Audio 4/23/2017 Listen
Labor with Love Working Audio 11/27/2016 Listen
Lamentations-Part 1 Old Testament Audio 9/13/2015 Listen
Lamentations-Part 2 Old Testament Audio 10/4/2015 Listen
Let Each One Give As He Purposes In His Heart Giving Audio 10/29/2017 Listen
Let God be God God Audio 5/8/2016 Listen
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Encouragement Audio 5/8/2016 Listen
Let Us Christian Life Audio 12/11/2016 Listen
Let Us Pray Prayer Article 6/5/2016 Read
Listen Carefully Christ Audio 4/30/2017 Listen
Making the Most of Your Walk with God Christian Life Audio 1/3/2016 Listen
Mothers Can Make A Difference Parenthood Audio 5/14/2017 Listen
Noah Moves With Godly Fear Reverence Audio 3/3/2019 Listen
On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand (Partial) Christ Audio 8/30/2015 Listen
One After God's Own Heart Christian Life Audio 1/17/2016 Listen
Our "Call" to Service Working Article 2/26/2017 Read
Our All Sufficient Christ Christ Audio 4/10/2016 Listen
Our Matchless Savior Jesus Audio 1/31/2016 Listen
Our Omnipotent God God Audio 1/22/2017 Listen
Our Spirit of Worship Worship Audio 5/7/2017 Listen
Our Two-Fold Purpose in Life Life Audio 5/1/2016 Listen
Overcoming the Conflict Christian Life Audio 1/10/2016 Listen
Parables of Jesus- The Parable of the Wedding Feast Parables Audio 10/8/2017 Listen
Parables of Jesus-The Friend at Midnight Parables Audio 10/15/2017 Listen
Parables of Jesus-The Unforgiving Servant Parables Audio 10/22/2017 Listen
Paul's Motivation Christian Life Audio 11/13/2016 Listen
Pausing to Give Thanks-Psalms 118 Thanks Giving Audio 4/15/2018 Listen
People at the Cross Crucifixion Audio 11/19/2017 Listen
Pharisaism Is Not Dead Church Audio 2/7/2016 Listen
Praise Defined God Audio 4/3/2016 Listen
Prepare For Action Christian Life Audio 7/10/2016 Listen
Priorities Decisions Audio 10/21/2018 Listen
Profitable and Unprofitable Christian Life Audio 5/22/2016 Listen
Promise of Faithful Living-Psalm 101 Psalms Audio 2/11/2018 Listen
Proverbs 11-12 Proverbs Audio 8/16/2015 Listen
Proverbs 13 Proverbs Audio 3/10/2019 Listen
Psalm 119 Psalms Audio 7/15/2018 Listen
Psalm 37 Psalms Audio 4/29/2018 Listen
Psalm 4 Psalms Audio 6/10/2018 Listen
Psalm 51 Psalms Audio 4/8/2018 Listen
Psalm 73 Psalms Audio 9/23/2018 Listen
Psalm 95-100 Worshiping God Psalms Audio 6/24/2018 Listen
Psalms of Ascent Psalms Audio 8/5/2018 Listen
Religion or Relationship? Religion Article 3/12/2017 Read
Remaining Zealous for the Lord's Work Christian Life Audio 4/23/2017 Listen
Respecting God in Word and Deed God Audio 10/9/2016 Listen
Responding to a World of Despair Discouragement Audio 5/14/2017 Listen
Responsibilities of Faithful Christians Christian Life Audio 1/3/2016 Listen
Responsibilities of the Preacher Preaching Audio 7/29/2018 Listen
Sacrifice Christian Life Audio 7/22/2018 Listen
Satan Satan Audio 2/21/2016 Listen
Second Chances Christ Audio 4/30/2017 Listen
Sin City? Sin Article 7/9/2017 Read
Sing and be Happy Singing Audio 4/17/2016 Listen
Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God Sin Audio 7/26/2015 Listen
Six Woes of Isaiah Old Testament Audio 9/18/2016 Listen
Slipping From the Narrow Path Sin Audio 6/19/2016 Listen
Society Without God God Audio 9/13/2015 Listen
Some Things are Impossible Christian Life Audio 12/10/2017 Listen
Some Things are Impossible Bible Audio 2/21/2016 Listen
Some Things We Cannot Escape Second Coming Audio 2/12/2017 Listen
Sowing the Wind Sin Audio 11/12/2017 Listen
Spiritual Apathy Apathy Audio 8/7/2016 Listen
Standing on the Promises of God Promises Audio 8/26/2018 Listen
Take Up My Cross Christian Life Audio 9/16/2018 Listen
Teach Us To Pray Prayer Audio 8/2/2015 Listen
The Blood of Christ Salvation Article 7/3/2016 Read
The Case for Christ: The Evidence for Jesus Jesus Audio 4/1/2018 Listen
The Challenges of a Overcoming Sin Sin Audio 3/18/2018 Listen
The Christian and the Old Testament Audio 1/27/2019 Listen
The Cost of Freedom Christian Life Audio 11/12/2017 Listen
The Cross and What it Means Cross Audio 7/31/2016 Listen
The Day of the Lord Christian Life Audio 2/19/2017 Listen
The Depths of Sin Sin Audio 1/13/2019 Listen
The Excellence of Love Love Audio 8/23/2015 Listen
The Family Of God Family Audio 12/3/2017 Listen
The Four Stories of Jesus Jesus Audio 3/25/2018 Listen
The Fruit of the Spirit-Goodness Holy Spirit Audio 7/2/2017 Listen
The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy Spiritual Gifts Audio 12/6/2015 Listen
The Fruit of the Spirit-Self Control Christian Life Audio 3/12/2017 Listen
The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness Fruit Audio 11/26/2017 Listen
The Fruit Of The Spirit: Peace Holy Spirit Audio 12/10/2017 Listen
The Full Armor of God Church Audio 11/13/2016 Listen
The Handiwork of God God Audio 7/26/2015 Listen
The Heart of a Servant Working Audio 8/23/2015 Listen
The Heart of a Servant Christian Life Audio 12/11/2016 Listen
The Judgement of God Judging Audio 5/20/2018 Listen
The Life of Christ -Part 1 Christ Audio 2/28/2016 Listen
The Life of Christ-Part 2 Christ Audio 3/6/2016 Listen
The Light of Christ in a Dark World Christ Audio 3/13/2016 Listen
The Lord's Supper Lord's Supper Audio 10/1/2017 Listen
The Nature of Sin Sin Article 7/31/2016 Read
The New Testament Church Church Audio 10/25/2015 Listen
The New Testament Church Church Audio 9/18/2016 Listen
The New Testament Church Church Audio 9/27/2015 Listen
The New Testament Church-Part 2 Church Audio 9/25/2016 Listen
The New Testament Church-Part 3 Church Audio 10/2/2016 Listen
The New Testament Church-Part 4 Church Audio 10/16/2016 Listen
The Preciousness of Death Death Audio 9/11/2016 Listen
The Right Priorities Priorities Audio 7/19/2015 Listen
The Righteous Cannot Be Uprooted Audio 1/27/2019 Listen
The Righteous Shall Live By Faith Faith Audio 7/10/2016 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 1 Christian Life Audio 1/15/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 2 Christian Life Audio 1/22/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 3 Christian Life Audio 1/29/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 4 Christian Life Audio 2/5/2017 Listen
The Story Of Death Death Audio 12/30/2018 Listen
The Tabernacle, Temple, and the Church Church Audio 4/28/2017 Listen
The True Righteousness of the Kingdom Righteousness Audio 7/12/2015 Listen
The Unpardonable Sin? Sin Article 11/13/2016 Read
The Way of the Righteous-Psalm 1 Psalms Audio 2/25/2018 Listen
The Work of the Church Church Audio 1/7/2018 Listen
The Work of the Church-Benevolence Church Audio 6/24/2018 Listen
The Work Of The Local Church Church Audio 7/1/2018 Listen
Things We Can Learn From Road Signs Christian Life Audio 2/25/2018 Listen
This World Is Not My Home, I'm A Sojourner Heaven Audio 11/26/2017 Listen
Those Who Hope in the Lord Will Renew Their Strength Encouragement Audio 1/14/2018 Listen
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Christian Life Audio 3/27/2016 Listen
Too Busy Not to Pray Prayer Audio 7/8/2018 Listen
True Bible Teaching Bible Article 2/19/2017 Read
True Wisdom for Life (Prov 1-4) Proverbs Audio 8/2/2015 Listen
True Wisdom for Life (Prov 8) Proverbs Audio 8/9/2015 Listen
True Wisdom for Life-Part 1 Proverbs Audio 1/13/2019 Listen
Understanding The Cross Cross Audio 10/11/2015 Listen
Warning to a Local Church Church Audio 12/16/2018 Listen
What A Sinner Learned After Death Sin Audio 12/9/2018 Listen
What Are My Priorities Priorities Audio 8/5/2018 Listen
What Do I Owe This Local Church Church Audio 12/9/2018 Listen
What Do You Know About Sin Sin Audio 7/30/2017 Listen
What Does God Want Me To Do Christian Life Audio 7/17/2016 Listen
What Does God Want Us To Do Church Audio 7/24/2016 Listen
What is it That Concerns You Christian Life Audio 5/10/2015 Listen
What Kind of Soil Are You? Teaching Audio 3/19/2017 Listen
What Scares You Christian Life Audio 8/13/2017 Listen
What the Cross Means to Me Cross Audio 9/11/2016 Listen
What Yoke Are You Wearing Working Audio 2/18/2018 Listen
Who Am I? Christian Life Article 11/6/2016 Read
Who Can Be An Elder Elders Audio 8/12/2018 Listen
Who Can Be An Elder Part 2 Elders Audio 8/19/2018 Listen
Who Can Be An Elder Part 3 Elders Audio 8/26/2018 Listen
Who Is God Gambling Audio 12/27/2015 Listen
Who Is Responsible For This Sin Audio 7/9/2017 Listen
Who Is The Holy Spirit Holy Spirit Audio 8/6/2017 Listen
Who Is the Lord That I Should Obey His Voice Obedience Audio 8/28/2016 Listen
Why Am I Here Christian Life Audio 6/25/2017 Listen
Why Did Joshua Choose to Serve the Lord Working Audio 10/14/2018 Listen
Why Do We Need the Old Testament Old Testament Audio 3/12/2017 Listen
Why Should We Study God's Word Bible Study Audio 11/12/2017 Listen
Why the Gospel is Good News The Gospel Audio 6/25/2017 Listen
Wisdom and Good Choices - Prov 5 &6 Proverbs Audio 2/24/2019 Listen
Worship is a Verb Worship Audio 9/9/2018 Listen
Wounded For Me Christ Article 5/14/2017 Read
Yield Not to Temptation Sin Audio 9/23/2018 Listen
Your Speech Betrays You Speech Audio 7/16/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 1 Old Testament Audio 7/23/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 2 Old Testament Audio 7/30/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 3 Old Testament Audio 8/13/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 4 Old Testament Audio 8/27/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 5 Old Testament Audio 9/24/2017 Listen
Zechariah Part 7 Old Testament Audio 10/29/2017 Listen

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