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List For Category: Character Studies

Title Author Type Date  
A Changed Man-The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus Kevin Winn Audio 10/6/2013 Listen
Barnabas--Son of Encouragement Marc Gibson Audio 10/1/2002 Listen
Believing Thomas Mike Freese Audio 7/24/2016 Listen
Caleb Followed the Lord Fully Mike Freese Audio 12/13/2015 Listen
Demas, Luke, andMark--Paul's Fellow Workers Marc Gibson Audio 10/2/2002 Listen
Ester Russell Terry Audio 11/20/2016 Listen
Hanna--Faithful in Adversity Marc Gibson Audio 9/29/2002 Listen
How To Form A Good Character Dee Bowman Article 6/20/2010 Read
Hymenaeus and Philetus--Teachers of Error Marc Gibson Audio 10/3/2002 Listen
James, Son of Alphaeus Mike Freese Audio 10/30/2016 Listen
Jezebel -- Bad Girl of the Bible Marc Gibson Audio 9/29/2002 Listen
John the Baptist - -Courageous Preacher Marc Gibson Audio 9/30/2002 Listen
Jonathan Kevin Winn Audio 1/26/2014 Listen
Joshua Mike Freese Audio 12/13/2015 Listen
Mary--At the Feet Of Jesus Marc Gibson Audio 10/4/2002 Listen
Nicodemus and Joseph--From Fear to Courage Marc Gibson Audio 9/29/2002 Listen
The Patience of Job Frank Jamerson Article 9/18/2016 Read

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