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List For Category: Christ

Title Author Type Date  
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 1 Mike Freese Audio 8/27/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 2 Mike Freese Audio 9/3/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 3 Mike Freese Audio 9/17/2017 Listen
A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 4 Mike Freese Audio 9/24/2017 Listen
A Definitive Quote Larry Ray Hafley Article 2/23/2002 Read
Christ and His Cross Freddie Franklin Audio 4/5/2009 Listen
Christ In Prophecy Freddie Franklin Audio 4/4/2010 Listen
Death of a Savior Mike Freese Audio 12/18/2016 Listen
Did God Raise Jesus From the Dead? Freddie Franklin Audio 9/23/2012 Listen
Hated Without A Cause Freddie Franklin Audio 7/20/2014 Listen
I Know Whom I Have Believed Freddie Franklin Audio 3/28/2010 Listen
In The Name of Christ Frank Jamerson Article 9/25/2016 Read
Is Jesus an actual or mythical Historical person? Steve Rudd Article 11/7/1999 Read
Isaiah's Vision of Christ Mike Freese Audio 10/30/2016 Listen
It Is Finished Mike Freese Audio 4/16/2017 Listen
John 3:16 Mike Freese Audio 12/23/2018 Listen
Listen Carefully Mike Freese Audio 4/30/2017 Listen
On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand (Partial) Mike Freese Audio 8/30/2015 Listen
Our All Sufficient Christ Mike Freese Audio 4/10/2016 Listen
Peter Got It Right! David Diestelkamp Article 10/25/2009 Read
Second Chances Mike Freese Audio 4/30/2017 Listen
The Diety of Christ Tim Haile Audio 3/14/1996 Listen
The Dying Words of our Lord Freddie Franklin Audio 11/20/2011 Listen
The Hard Choices Gary Greene Article 10/9/2016 Read
The Life of Christ -Part 1 Mike Freese Audio 2/28/2016 Listen
The Life of Christ-Part 2 Mike Freese Audio 3/6/2016 Listen
The Light of Christ in a Dark World Mike Freese Audio 3/13/2016 Listen
The Suffering Of Christ Ken Green Article 4/4/2010 Read
Wounded For Me Mike Freese Article 5/14/2017 Read

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