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Title Author Type Date  
"Wasted His Substance" Larry Ray Hafley Article 3/24/2002 Read
"Who Is My Neighbor?" Paul Smithson Article 10/24/1999 Read
?Do All in the Name of the Lord? Jerry King Article 12/28/2003 Read
A Devoted Christian Passes On To His Reward Jesse Castleberry Article 10/27/2002 Read
A Few Good Men Ed Sanderson, Sr. Article 4/10/2011 Read
A Good Start Is Not Good Enough Mike Freese Audio 9/4/2016 Listen
A Tribute to Fletcher Holt Debra Castleberry Article 7/14/2002 Read
Abiding With Christ Joe R. Price Article 5/5/2002 Read
Above and Beyond Mike Freese Audio 2/26/2017 Listen
Accept the Things You Cannot Change Mike Freese Audio 8/21/2016 Listen
Add to Your Faith Brotherly Kindness Mike Freese Audio 11/25/2018 Listen
Add to Your Faith Godliness Mike Freese Audio 11/18/2018 Listen
Add To Your Faith Knowledge Mike Freese Audio 10/28/2018 Listen
Add To Your Faith Perseverance Mike Freese Audio 11/11/2018 Listen
Add to Your Faith Self Control Mike Freese Audio 11/4/2018 Listen
Appropriate Behavior for the Lord's People Ron Drumm Article 8/5/2007 Read
Are You a Tree or a Post? Tommy Thornhill Article 9/4/2016 Read
Are You Distracted Mike Freese Audio 4/2/2017 Listen
Are You Sure You Are A Christian? Bobby K. Thompson Article 3/7/2010 Read
Ask, Seek, Knock Mike Freese Audio 9/9/2018 Listen
Ask, Seek, Knock Kevin Winn Audio 3/30/2014 Listen
Asleep, But Not Aware Of It? Dennis L. Reed Article 5/18/2008 Read
Back to the Future Freddie Franklin Audio 5/10/2009 Listen
Be Diligent to Present Yourself T. Sean Sullivan Article 7/10/2011 Read
Be More Like the Devil Freddie Franklin Audio 3/10/2013 Listen
Be Ye Not Foolish, But Understand What the Will of the Lord Is Dennis Reed Audio 3/3/2002 Listen
Bearing The Marks Of The Lord Jesus Bobby K. Thompson Article 3/9/2014 Read
Becoming More Effective Christians Mike Freese Audio 4/8/2018 Listen
Being Careful As We Live Our Lives Ronnie Henderson Audio 3/25/2012 Listen
Being Different Seth Driscoll Audio 3/18/2018 Listen
Being Spiritually Minded Bobby K. Thompson Article 11/6/2005 Read
Being Tested Freddie Franklin Audio 4/12/2015 Listen
Beware of Dogs Bobby K. Thompson Article 12/23/2007 Read
Blindness Kevin Winn Audio 3/23/2014 Listen
Boast Not Of Tomorrow Bobby K. Thompson Article 2/3/2013 Read
Brother Jones, We Will Miss You Jesse Castleberry Article 9/26/1999 Read
Building A House J. T. Smith Article 11/16/2014 Read
Building A Spiritual House Mike Freese Audio 5/15/2016 Listen
Busy-ness Tom Roberts Article 7/1/2012 Read
But At Thy Word When Jesus Went Fishing Dennis L. Reed Article 1/18/2009 Read
But Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain Mike Freese Audio 4/15/2018 Listen
Called to be Saints Mike Freese Audio 12/31/2017 Listen
Called To Patient Endurance Rick Liggin Article 10/10/2010 Read
Christ Challenges Us to Make the Right Choices Mike Freese Audio 11/25/2018 Listen
Christian Freddie Franklin Audio 5/16/2010 Listen
Christian Evidences-Part 1 Mike Freese Audio 11/15/2015 Listen
Christian Evidences-Part 2 (Partial) Mike Freese Audio 11/22/2015 Listen
Christian Living & Commitment Eric Norford Article 11/12/2000 Read
Christian's Assurance Freddie Franklin Audio 7/20/2008 Listen
Christians Are Weird Kevin Winn Audio 9/7/2014 Listen
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Mike Freese Audio 3/13/2016 Listen
Co-exist Jesse Castleberry Audio 7/14/2013 Listen
Cold Feet Terry R. Townsend Article 6/25/2017 Read
Compassion Freddie Franklin Audio 9/7/2008 Listen
Conflicting Voices Bobby K. Thompson Article 12/18/2005 Read
Create In Me A Clean Heart Mike Freese Audio 7/15/2018 Listen
Creation and Stewardship Mike Freese Audio 10/23/2016 Listen
David's Charge To Solomon Mike Freese Audio 10/14/2018 Listen
Dead Parrots And Dead Christians Glen Young Article 1/5/2003 Read
Decidedly Different Dee Bowman Article 10/4/2009 Read
Difficult Things Kevin Winn Audio 2/9/2014 Listen
Do You Have Any Enemies? Al Diestelkamp Article 12/7/2008 Read
Does the Bible provide practical solutions to 20th century problems? Steve Rudd Article 10/10/1999 Read
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Mike Freese Audio 6/5/2016 Listen
Donkey Sense Troy Nicholson Article 10/3/2004 Read
Drawing Near To God #2 Bobby K. Thompson Article 10/14/2007 Read
Effective Christians Mike Freese Article 3/19/2017 Read
Enduring Insults Larry Ray Hafley Article 7/13/2003 Read
Essential Equipment Mike Freese Audio 6/19/2016 Listen
Expect The Unexpected Kevin Winn Audio 8/24/2014 Listen
Failing to Do Things Kevin Winn Audio 10/5/2008 Listen
Fear Man or Fear God? Mike Freese Article 4/23/2017 Read
Finding Purpose in Life Mike Freese Audio 1/8/2017 Listen
Follow Me! Mark Mayberry Article 1/19/2003 Read
Fools for Christ's Sake Bobby K. Thompson Article 3/12/2006 Read
For That You Ought to Say "If The Lord Will" Dennis Reed Audio 3/3/2002 Listen
For What Are You Running Mike Freese Audio 5/21/2017 Listen
Getting In Balance Buddy Payne Audio 6/14/1989 Listen
Getting Older W. Frank Walton Article 9/1/2002 Read
Giving Our Best To God Tom M. Roberts Article 8/18/2002 Read
God Wants Us to Be Liberal Seth Driscoll Audio 12/23/2018 Listen
God's Mad People Bobby K. Thompson Article 11/23/2008 Read
God's Mad People #2 Bobby K. Thompson Article 11/30/2008 Read
God's Purpose Butch James Audio 1/2/2000 Listen
God's Purpose In Our Personal Life Freddie Franklin Audio 4/24/2011 Listen
Godliness Mike Freese Audio 1/29/2017 Listen
Godly Living 101 Mike Freese Audio 2/14/2016 Listen
Godly Living During Terrible Times Mike Freese Audio 11/18/2018 Listen
Great Things That Come From Small Things Mike Freese Audio 6/26/2016 Listen
Greatness is Serving Mike Freese Audio 12/17/2017 Listen
Having Peace Of Mind #2 Bobby K. Thompson Article 11/16/2008 Read
He That Is Greatest Among You Shall Be Your Servant Dennis Reed Article 1/27/2008 Read
Heart Diseases: Envy & Jealousy Mike Freese Audio 11/1/2015 Listen
His Is The Way Of Separation Wendell Ward Article 3/24/2002 Read
How Do We Focus as Christians Don Goolsby Audio 7/17/2011 Listen
How Do We Focus as Christians-Part2 Don Goolsby Audio 7/17/2011 Listen
How's Your Health? Tommy Thornhill Article 1/13/2013 Read
I-dditiction Dee Bowman Article 2/16/2014 Read
In America, Yet Not of America Mike Thomas Article 7/21/2002 Read
In the World, Not of the World Mike Freese Article 4/16/2017 Read
In What Do You Find Satisfaction? Bobby K. Thompson Article 5/30/2010 Read
In Which Direction Are You Looking Freddie Franklin Audio 10/10/2010 Listen
Influence Marian Otvos Audio 12/15/2013 Listen
Integrity A. Jay Kelley Article 2/19/2006 Read
Is There Not A Cause? Joe R. Price Article 7/14/2002 Read
It Is Well With My Soul Mike Freese Audio 1/24/2016 Listen
James 1:2 Don Goolsby Audio 5/29/2011 Listen
Jim's Old Pickup Truck David Diestelkamp Article 8/3/2014 Read
Just a Cup of Cold Water Jason Longstreth Article 11/8/2009 Read
Keep Focusing Mike Freese Audio 6/4/2017 Listen
Keep The Commandment Freddie Franklin Audio 8/10/2008 Listen
Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing, and Take the Flak Mike Freese Audio 4/23/2017 Listen
Knowing Where We Are Kevin Winn Audio 10/13/2013 Listen
Laying Up Treasure In Heaven Cody Castleberry Audio 2/18/2018 Listen
Let Us Mike Freese Audio 12/11/2016 Listen
Let's Roll Kevin Winn Audio 1/4/2015 Listen
Living for Jesus Ron Drumm Article 3/4/2007 Read
Looking to Jesus Freddie Franklin Audio 2/7/2010 Listen
Lord, Do You Not Care Kevin Winn Audio 11/2/2014 Listen
Losing To Win Bobby K. Thompson Article 4/12/2009 Read
Love Life and See Good Days Kevin Winn Audio 8/10/2014 Listen
Making the Most of Your Walk with God Mike Freese Audio 1/3/2016 Listen
Measuring Yourself Joe Fitch Article 9/1/2002 Read
Members of the Body of Christ Cody Castleberry Audio 1/21/2018 Listen
My Yoke is Easy, My Burden is Light Don Goolsby Audio 10/30/2011 Listen
New Testament People Dee Bowman Article 10/29/2006 Read
ON GODLY LIVING Larry Ray Hafley Article 4/28/2002 Read
One After God's Own Heart Mike Freese Audio 1/17/2016 Listen
One In A Million Andy Brenton Audio 11/23/2014 Listen
Our Double Life Bobby K. Thompson Article 10/17/2010 Read
Overcoming the Conflict Mike Freese Audio 1/10/2016 Listen
Paul's Motivation Mike Freese Audio 11/13/2016 Listen
Paul's Secret Of Success Bobby K. Thompson Article 3/19/2006 Read
Peace Of Mind; Do You Have It? Paul Smithson Article 9/3/2006 Read
Playing Fair Bobby K. Thompson Article 10/21/2007 Read
Potpourri Ronnie Henderson Audio 11/4/2018 Listen
Prepare For Action Mike Freese Audio 7/10/2016 Listen
Profitable and Unprofitable Mike Freese Audio 5/22/2016 Listen
Quitters Never Cross The Finish Line! Nobel Ward Article 3/3/2002 Read
Raising Up Three Generation Kevin Winn Audio 9/28/2014 Listen
Reaching Forward Gary Henry Article 7/25/2004 Read
Real Christians Are A Strange People Tommy Thornhill Article 2/19/2012 Read
Reflections at 33 David West Audio 6/17/1990 Listen
Remaining Zealous for the Lord's Work Mike Freese Audio 4/23/2017 Listen
Remembering That You Are A Christian Bobby K. Thompson Article 8/30/2009 Read
Reputation Kevin Winn Audio 12/1/2013 Listen
Responsibilities of Faithful Christians Mike Freese Audio 1/3/2016 Listen
Sacrifice Mike Freese Audio 7/22/2018 Listen
Sacrifice Kevin Winn Audio 10/20/2013 Listen
Satisfaction Dee Bowman Article 12/21/2014 Read
Search the Scriptures and Verify Ronnie Henderson Audio 1/6/2019 Listen
Should A Christian Get Tattooed? Don Hooton Article 3/27/2011 Read
Six Things That Cannot Be Shaken Freddie Franklin Audio 10/19/2008 Listen
Six Things That Cannot Be Shaken-Part 2 Freddie Franklin Audio 10/26/2008 Listen
Snatching Victory From Defeat Jon W. Quinn Article 7/15/2007 Read
Some Things are Impossible Mike Freese Audio 12/10/2017 Listen
Spiritual Weakness Kevin Winn Audio 9/29/2013 Listen
Stand Up for Jesus Freddie Franklin Audio 11/11/2012 Listen
Staying In Bounds Bobby K. Thompson Article 7/19/2009 Read
Take Up My Cross Mike Freese Audio 9/16/2018 Listen
That Was Then, This is Now John Guzzetta Article 9/14/2014 Read
That's Just Great Kevin Winn Audio 7/27/2014 Listen
That's the Story Going Around Kevin Winn Audio 4/5/2015 Listen
The Christian and Pressure Bobby K. Thompson Article 12/5/2004 Read
The Committed Heart Kevin Winn Audio 6/8/2014 Listen
The Cost of Freedom Mike Freese Audio 11/12/2017 Listen
The Course Of Least Resistance #2 Bobby K. Thompson Article 3/29/2009 Read
The Danger Of Being Foolish Dennis L. Reed Article 6/28/2009 Read
The Day of the Lord Mike Freese Audio 2/19/2017 Listen
The Fears of Paul Bobby K. Thompson Article 4/2/2006 Read
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life Bob West Article 4/22/2000 Read
The Fruit of the Spirit-Self Control Mike Freese Audio 3/12/2017 Listen
The Golden Rule Kevin Winn Audio 12/15/2013 Listen
The Great House Freddie Franklin Audio 7/27/2008 Listen
The Greatest Victory Cled E Wallace Article 12/5/2010 Read
The Heart of a Servant Mike Freese Audio 12/11/2016 Listen
The Joy Set Before Us Bobby K. Thompson Article 7/8/2012 Read
The Law Seth Driscoll Audio 9/16/2018 Listen
The Military Freddie Franklin Audio 6/28/2009 Listen
The Need For Plain Talk Kevin Winn Audio 1/11/2015 Listen
The One Approved of God Freddie Franklin Audio 5/19/2013 Listen
The Power of Example Freddie Franklin Audio 6/9/2013 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 1 Mike Freese Audio 1/15/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 2 Mike Freese Audio 1/22/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 3 Mike Freese Audio 1/29/2017 Listen
The Sermon on the Mount-Part 4 Mike Freese Audio 2/5/2017 Listen
The Subject Of Hating Bobby K. Thompson Article 1/27/2013 Read
Things We Can Learn From Road Signs Mike Freese Audio 2/25/2018 Listen
Thoughts Make A Man Kevin Winn Audio 12/21/2014 Listen
Three Words We Should Do Away With Kevin Winn Audio 6/8/2014 Listen
Through The Eyes of a Sheep Kevin Winn Audio 11/10/2013 Listen
Time Kevin Winn Audio 3/22/2015 Listen
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Mike Freese Audio 3/27/2016 Listen
Toward Greater Spiritual Education Rick Liggin Article 9/7/2003 Read
Trials In Our Lives Russell Terry Audio 4/22/2018 Listen
Triumph In Christ #2 Bobby K. Thompson Article 2/15/2009 Read
Try A Little Tenderness Larry Ray Hafley Article 5/19/2002 Read
Unhealthy Spirits Larry Ray Hafley Article 12/5/2004 Read
Using God's Mirror Joe R. Price Article 8/4/2002 Read
Victory Over Circumstances Bobby K. Thompson Article 12/8/2002 Read
Walking in the Spirit Chad Dorrell Article 9/11/2005 Read
Walking With God Dwane Derrick Article 12/21/2003 Read
Watch Freddie Franklin Audio 11/4/2012 Listen
We Live As If There IS A Tomorrow Kent Heaton Article 2/12/2006 Read
Wearing the Uniform Bob Buchanon Article 3/31/2002 Read
What Does God Want Me To Do Mike Freese Audio 7/17/2016 Listen
What Doth the Lord Require of Thee? Bobby K. Thompson Article 2/20/2005 Read
What I Do Now Counts Later Kevin Winn Audio 12/22/2013 Listen
What Is In A Name? "Christian" T. Sean Sullivan Article 6/10/2007 Read
What is it about Lighthouses? Ralph Walker Article 9/12/2004 Read
What is it That Concerns You Mike Freese Audio 5/10/2015 Listen
What Is Your Life Charles Wilson Audio 6/21/2015 Listen
What It Means To Be A Christian Ron Drumm Article 10/10/2004 Read
What Scares You Mike Freese Audio 8/13/2017 Listen
What We May Do "With Christ" Bobby K. Thompson Article 9/20/2009 Read
What Were You Discussing On The Way? Hal Hammons Article 9/15/2002 Read
Who Am I? Mike Freese Article 11/6/2016 Read
Who Is Not A Christian Freddie Franklin Audio 7/3/2011 Listen
Why Am I Here Mike Freese Audio 6/25/2017 Listen
Why Be A Christian Kevin Winn Audio 1/5/2014 Listen
Wise and Foolish Builders Kevin Winn Audio 7/21/2013 Listen
Working Together for Good Nathan Ward Article 8/20/2006 Read
Your Speech Seth Driscoll Audio 8/20/2017 Listen

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