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List For Category: Second Coming

Title Author Type Date  
"Lord Come Ready" Gary Carter, Jr. Article 12/19/1999 Read
Have A Good Day Joe R. Price Article 5/12/2002 Read
Some Things We Cannot Escape Mike Freese Audio 2/12/2017 Listen
The Judgment to Come Bobby K. Thompson Article 9/18/2005 Read
The Second Coming of Christ Part 1 Freddie Franklin Audio 4/7/2013 Listen
The Second Coming of Christ Part 2 Freddie Franklin Audio 4/14/2013 Listen
Waiting for the Rapture? Bobby K. Thompson Article 9/17/2006 Read
Was A.D. 70 the End? Melvin D. Curry Article 10/1/2000 Read
What is God Waiting For? Warren Berkley Article 10/8/2000 Read

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