Polk City church of Christ
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Polk City, FL  33868

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Questions & Answers

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Dress is casual. Few men wear suits and few ladies dress formally. Come in jeans. If you want to dress "like the group," men may wear jeans with a comfortable button-down shirt (forget the tie). Women may wear a casual, comfortable dress or outfit (this is not a Ball, it is worship, and what counts is your presence and your attitude).

Q: Do I need to know anything before I come?

A: No. We know that the songs will be new to you. We do not do anything that might cause you to get lost, embarrassed, or in any way feel uncomfortable.

Q: Is the building handicap ready?

A: Yes. We have a wheelchair access ramp, plenty of aisle room, and our restrooms have just been remodeled for the purpose of becoming wheelchair accessible and handicap friendly.

Q: Will I be singled out in any way? Will I have to publicly introduce myself?

A: No. Let me STRESS THIS: You will not be made to feel uncomfortable in ANY WAY. Many members will shake your hand and introduce themselves before and after services, but that is the extent. We have a guest book that you may sign, but that is up to you.

Q: What about giving? Should I bring a few dollars to toss into the offering plate so those around me will not think that I am cheap?

A: Do not give any money. First, the collection is for the members of the church in Polk City only. We do not accept outside money except from those visiting from other churches of Christ who insist on giving. Second, we would not give if we visited a church since we would not know what we are contributing toward, that is, how will that money be used. You don’t know that about us, so you shouldn’t give until you decided to become part of the work. No one will think you cheap or stingy. If you bring any money, come out to lunch with us after services at a local restaurant and give it to the cashier.

Q: Will I fall asleep in the services?

A: I hope not. But if you do, we will try to keep the noise down.